June Book Review

Hey, hey! I don’t think I’ve ever said this but I just want to thank ya’ll for continuing to check this blog out every month (so I’m not just doing this for nothing, ha) and giving me feedback on the books you like and didn’t like! I really appreciate all of you, and with that being said I’ll do another giveaway for this month, woohoo! Deets on the bottom.

Anyway, moving on, I finally got a library card. Who would have thought that the library has new & good books?! I don’t know why I had this thought in my head that all they would have would be super old books covered in dust to offer, but I was wrong! I saw so many titles there that I had already bought (eye roll) and several ones that we have read for book club. I also asked how often they get new books in and it’s once a month! So, if your a dedicated reader (or not) go check out the library and load up on some popular books for free. 🙂


The first book up for June is Castle of Water by Dane Huckelbridge and this novel was. so. sweet. I had this lined up in my libby app and opened it up when I finally got it not knowing what it was about and just started reading and at first, it was a little slow as it’s setting up the plot but do not stop! This novel is about a small helicopter that crashed into the ocean with 3-4 people on board with only two surviving as they end up on a small island alone together. As they realize that help is not coming anytime soon, they try to make it homey as possible until they are saved. For some reason, I kept thinking back to that movie Castaway because of the similar plots but this story will tear at your heartstrings. It’s themed around love, loss, and survival and you need to read it right now. Rating 9/10

Have you ever read a book before and once you were finished with it gently set it down and look at it and say aloud “what the heck did I just read?” If the answer is no, pick up this book right now and start reading. I’m Thinking of Ending Things seemed like a different genre than I normally read so I’d figure I would give it a try. This book is about a young couple who are going to meet his parents. When they arrive, everything seems extremely uncomfortable, eery, and cringe-worthy. They finally leave it and it just gets weirder from there. When this story was over, I was so confused as to what this meant that I looked on SparkNotes (a website describing what the book means, characters, plot, etc) because it just didn’t make sense. However, after it was explained everything just CLICKED. I also read a ton of Amazon reviews, and several of them said this is the type of book you have to read twice for you to really understand it. I did not read it twice but I could see that it would be a good book to read again to fully get the experience. There is a movie about this book coming out in 2020 and I have not a clue on how they will portray it. Honestly, I’m just as confused as you are trying to figure out what this book is about, lol. I’m not going to rate this one because it’s too complex to really give it a number.  Check out the Amazon reviews here and see if this would be of interest to you.


Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered is the book we read for book club this month and  the genre is more of a self-help book than a fiction novel. These two authors Karen Kilgariif & Georgie Hardstark have a crime comedy podcast called My Favorite Murder that they do together. I’ve never heard any of their podcasts, but others have told me they’ve enjoyed them. So just a heads up, this book has a lot of cursing in it and if that isn’t for you, then move down to the next book. These two authors describe the struggles they’ve dealt with in life such as eating disorders, depression, addiction, and some of their biggest mistakes and fears. These ladies tell it like it is and give advice to the reader on how to live a better life with tactics to stand up for yourself and to be true yourself. Rating 6.5/10


Last but not least the one I was pumped to read, The Silent Patient, did not disappoint (also- I saw this one at the library!) The beginning may start off a little slow for some but there is a twist in the book that hardly anyone catches and it’ll blow your mind! This novel is about a psychotherapist who becomes obsessed with a popular woman who after her husband was shot becomes completely silent and refuses to speak. She becomes institutionalized and the psychotherapist goes out of this way to try to treat her and get her to talk about what caused her to go silent. Slowly, secrets become revealed and the truth comes out in a way you would not expect. Go get your hands on this thriller ASAP! Rating: 9/10

That’s a wrap for this month. I’m hoping to read some beach/pool reads for next month since it is summer and I’m needing alll the summer vibes. So like always, if you have any recommendations let me know!


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Now for the giveaway, comment below one of your FAV books from any of my blogs and why it was your favorite and you’ll be entered to win a BARNES AND NOBLES gift card. Anyone can enter as I will ship it to you in the mail and the winner will be announced next month! Good luck! xo



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Hi, yall! I'm Marcela and I'm living in Seminole, Texas right now with my husband and two dogs, Bella and Ollie. Welcome to my book review for all you readers who are interested in discussing all things books! Thanks for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “June Book Review”

  1. My favorite book isn’t from your list. But it’s from a same author Elin Hilderbrand, if that counts? My favorite book from hers is The Perfect Couple. I loved it because it wasn’t the typical wedding story. I read it recently after my own wedding so I loved reading a twist on what’s supposed to be the best day of someone’s life. Also, I love your blog by the way!


  2. I have soooo many favorites, but my most recent favorites are The Good Daughter and The Mother in Law. I loved the crazy twist to The Mother in Law! But The Good Daughter will probably stay in my mind forever. I loved it. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I can’t describe why I enjoyed it, but a lot of it would be the change that happened in the girls.


  3. It’d have to be between The Silent Patient or Swear On This Life.
    I loved The Silent Patient because of how INSANE the twist was. Usually you can get at least an idea of who did what, but this ending blew me away!
    And I loved Swear On This Life because the story made me feel ALL the emotions, and it was seriously beautiful.


  4. I so appreciate the time and thought you put into this blog each month! Anytime I’m searching for my next book, I check your blog for inspiration. (Even though it’s been a minute since I’ve picked one up.) I haven’t read anything recently that tops ‘The Wife Between Us’. Definitely want to check out ‘The Silent Patient’!


  5. My favorite book, so far, that I’ve read from your blog is ‘Swear on this Life.’ It was a quick read, relatable characters and a really beautiful story. Thanks for recommending it!


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