November Book Review

Phew! Was it just me or did this month FLY by? I feel like just yesterday I was posting the October review! So do to the chaos that comes with the time of year, I only managed to read 4 books this month. Some of you have asked me how do I have time to read so much? Well, just like anything else that you value, enjoy, etc. you simply make time. I know easier said than done right? But something I’ve learned recently is that self care-whatever that means for you- is important not only for yourself but others around you so that you can be the best you. Anyway! These are the 4 books for the month!

Let’s just say I was highly disappointed in Hurrican Season. Highly disappointed. I’m not sure what exactly I expected but this wasn’t it. It’s about a couple that lives on a farm who are unable to have children. Her sister drops off both of her children at this couples’ house while she goes to ‘find herself’. Well, it turns out they basically stay there all summer until the mother comes back and picks them up. That pretty much sums up this book! I just didn’t find a point in it and halfway through I was waiting for something ANYTHING to happen but unfortunately nothing did. Rate 3/10.



Download this book right. now! I LOVED this book! It was SO entertaining and I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s hilarious, honest, and downright amazing. Good luck with that revolves around three best friends who met at a “fat camp”. One of them tragically dies and leaves a list of things ‘to do’ for the other two friends. For the other two friends, it means stepping out of their comfort zone and learning to accept themselves for the way they are. So if your looking for new something to read this is your sign. You’ll thank me later! 10/10

This one was another psychological thriller which is my favorite genre to read. However, Wife Between US was extremely confusing. The first half of the book is about a woman marrying her husband but continuously sees the ‘ex-wife’ stalking her. The second half is about that same women, however, the husband is with someone else now. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but I feel like this book would need to be read 2 or even 3 times to fully understand what is happening. It has a good storyline but overall hard to comprehend. Rating: 6/10.



The last book I read this month was A Man Called Ove. I saw it on my online library app and decided it would be something different than what I usually read. Expand the horizons, so to speak. Anyway, this book will tear you up. Ove, the main character, has lost his job and his wife and doesn’t have a will to live anymore, then a young couple move in next to him and his world is rocked. This is the type of book that everyone needs to have a physical copy of and read it again from time to time. The author is hilarious in the way he describes the way Ove sees things and makes you really like Ove even with his ‘grouchy’ attitude. Halfway through, I wondered if there was a movie about this book, and sure enough, there is. I’m excited to see it and hope they did this book justice. 8/10

Here’s the trailer: A Man Called Ove Movie Trailer

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So those are my four books of the month! I’m hoping to read more in December with finals being over and catching a break. If you have any holiday book recommendations let me know below! See ya next month.

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Hi, yall! I'm Marcela and I'm living in Seminole, Texas right now with my husband and two dogs, Bella and Ollie. Welcome to my book review for all you readers who are interested in discussing all things books! Thanks for stopping by!

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